White Privilege! In Whitesboro, NY
This is just wrong on so many levels I’m really surprised in our modern society that this is even allowed to be! But then again I’m not! This is white society and white privilege at its best! How can this even be a fair vote?
Bet you’re just proud of this! You should be ashamed of yourselves.
“According to Whitesboro’s mayor, the residents just voted 157-55 to keep using this symbol to represent themselves to the world.”
The world will see you all as a Racist white community! That’s what they will see! This is the typical mentality for Cities, Towns and Communities close to Reservations or Native Tribes all across the country! Would we expect anything less? NO! But we will continue to fight racism.
Let’s take a closer look at this racist community! As per the 2000, Census. Whitesboro, “White Ass” NY. (Perfect name for this Village) Population 3,943 people. 97.69% WHITE! 0.53% African American! 0.33% Asian. And 0.53 Other. Guess what? Only 0.03% Native American! Imagine that! This speaks Volumes! Answers all the questions right here!
Of course they don’t see the problem they are all white, with white privilege! According to my research this has been an issue since the 70’s and these bastards are not listening to us! They don’t care! And to turn around and say the photo is a friendly wrestling match! Give me a break! That’s a lie!
“The seal has been controversial because it has been interpreted as a settler choking the Native American; according to city officials, it depicts a friendly wrestling match that the White guy won, gaining the respect of the Oneida.”
“Supporters say that when people know the story behind the image, they will understand that, rather than being a slight to Native Americans, it is a celebration of their role in the settlement of the community.” This is pure bull shit! Just like the Washington Red Skins honor Natives too! I don’t think so!..With only 0.03% Natives in a majority white village 97.69%...Sorry NOT my first day!
Really? Basically what your saying is a white guy and a native guy was having JUST a friendly wrestling match and because the white guy won (Of course) the whole tribe submitted to the whites? And respected them? I don’t think so! You’re an idiot if you really believe this.
Why would a Native have a friendly wrestling match with an Eagle feather in his hair? He would not risk that touching the ground in play!
“The mayor says the vote was not official and further action will be discussed at a meeting tonight.”
Better just change it! This is 2016 not the 1800’s. Change it to a white guy shaking hands with a native! In the end it will be better for all of us! And the Country!
James “Magaska” Swan
~ United Urban Warrior Society ~

Trace O’Connell acquitted

By Richie Richards
Native Sun News Staff Writer

Photo by Jean RoachPhoto by Jean RoachRAPID CITY –– On Sept. 1, Magistrate Judge Eric Strawn issued a not guilty verdict in the case of Trace O’Connell. 

O’Connell’s disorderly conduct trial ended on July 23 in Rapid City at the Performing Arts Center. This trial was attended by nearly 200 people in support of both O’Connell and the American Horse students and chaperones. 
In a press release, City Attorney Joel Landeen issued a statement, “Overall, I believe the City was able to present the best argument available to support prosecution of disorderly conduct.” 
Many Native Americans and supporters of the AHS students might disagree with the case presented by the “City.” Key witnesses and testimony were left unheard during the trial, according to recent interviews conducted by Native Sun News. 
This case comes down to Judge Strawn believing several intoxicated (by their own admission) men from rural South Dakota over the sober memories of the alleged victims and others present at the Civic Center during the Jan. 25 incident. 
Mayor Steve Allender issued his own statement in the same press release, “…The judge made his decision based on the law and the evidence presented at a criminal trial. The next decision is in the hands of the supporters of the students. I would hope cool heads will prevail.”
The city has received a notice of a possible civil suit by AHS families against the city, the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Trace O’Connell and Eagle Sales. 
Any civil suit will hold parties financially responsible for any needs the Lakota 57 may accrued related to this occurrence.
“Let us use what we’ve learned from this incident to move forward, together, as we address race relations,” closes Mayor Allender’s statement.
Could the lesson learned and taught to these American Horse School students and other persons from the reservations be to distrust the justice system and that their rights can be violated without repercussion, and that racist behavior is tolerated within the city limits of Rapid City?

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