Stand Against Meth

Time To Step Up! Against Meth!


At about 12:00 today my Mother called me crying...I knew something bad had happened right off. She said my youngest Sisters Daughter (Katherine) was found dead in a motel room here in Rapid City. "Kat" had struggled with drugs. Been a few months since I seen her. Her and I was close, she would swing by and say hi Uncle every now and then. I have found out that someone gave her pure meth and she overdosed at a party she was having in the motel room. I am so sick of all these deaths from drugs...

“United Urban Warrior Society” will step up against Drugs! Mainly METH! I will look forward to see this effort on ALL “United Urban Warrior Chapter” pages! And I challenge ALL Activist groups, Tribal Leaders, Family and Friends to step up as well!...Enough all ready! We need to lean on Law enforcement to do their dam job! and other Communities including the Media to step up their efforts to stop this shit in our communities!..Its killing our future.

“Wicoun ki he unkitawapisni yelo” (This is not our way)

James "Magaska" Swan

United Urban Warrior Society

(R.I.P. Kat. Uncle will never forget you! and your death will not be in vain!)