Up Coming Events

at 4:30pm - 9:00pm in EDT
St. Patrick's Cathedral
5th Avenue Between 50th and 51st St, New York, New York 10022
UUWS NYC Chapter will protest the canonization of Spanish Priest, Juniper Serra, and the Doctrine of Discovery during the Pope Francis visit in NYC. We stand strong in solidarity for the human rights of all Indigenous peoples.

Current and up coming events


January 29th 6:00 MT, Time

"United Urban Warrior Society" will be on blog talk radio..Link will be added a couple days before.

U.U.W.S. Picnic & Free Fishing! Exercising! Our Treaty Rights!

Saturday, August 16 at 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Pactola Lake (Veterans Point)
United Urban Warrior Society will sponsor a Picnic at veterans point at Pactola Lake in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota. (Highway 385) to express our treaty rights! Under the 1851 Treaty and Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.

We would like to invite all activists to come and join us! No fishing license r
equired by Tribal members!! It’s our right to fish in the Black Hills!! The treaty gives us this right! If they give us a fine we will document it and protest at the court house against those who oppose our rights.

(For those of us who get a ticket) we will all support each other at the court hearings, no ticket is to be paid for) we will have a protest rally at each separate hearing if necessary.

""'Only Enrolled Tribal members will be allowed to fish without a license. Bring your enrollment cards! We cannot protect those who are not enrolled members! Your enrollment number ties you into the Treaty's''''