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Mission Statement

As members and supporters of United Urban Warrior society... the issues we face and deal with are issues of Environment, Governance, Land and Treaties, Oppression & Genocide... Not only must we be Native rights activists we also must be social justice advocates... Missing and Murdered Women, Police Brutality, KXL Pipeline, Fracking, Racism and Child Welfare are just some of the issues we deal with daily... Our battle field is that of concrete and prairies.

Our actions and tactics as activist's not only call for us to be creative but we must always be prepared to seize the moment... Our oppressor's and opposition is the police, courts, and all levels of Government & in some case our own tribal leadership... We're urban warriors in an urban war zone... It's their terrain, but our land... And the fight for our rights as Native people still continues...

U.U.W.S. is about Protecting & Defending First Nations Rights, Our culture, sacred ceremony’s, our land and spirituality. Promoting! Unity & Solidarity, amongst our people. We hope you stay, get involved & live our motto "We Walk Our Talk" There comes a time when carrying a sign or a flag won't cut it, we may have to take it to another level or step aside. Civil disobedience may be necessary. We must be willing to put our bodies and freedom on the line. We must fight for rights, fight for our children and fight for mother earth in order for us all to survive! That's when we'll see the real warriors on the front lines…

We are a privately held, privately funded, entirely volunteer, non-profit Native American community organization. Our purpose is social services to our people and social change for our nation. Donations are NOT tax-deductible. We will not solicit unless it is necessary to do so. Our blanket is out for anyone who would like to help support our projects.

Each chapter works on Local native issues in their areas with the support of all the other chapters...Find a chapter near you and join them. Stand up and be heard....Stand up and fight with us.

U. U. W. S.

United Urban Warrior Society By-Laws
Founder: James “Magaska” Swan.
Presidents: Chapter Leaders.
Project head’s: Leaders of special projects.
Chapter administrators: Under Founders discretion
Board of directors: Founder, Chapter Leaders, and Project Heads.
Members: Live member’s associated and working with chapter leaders.
Supporters: All other associates and friends.
ARTICLE 1 - All United Urban Warriors Society Chapters (here on referred to as U.U.W.S.) will be fully autonomous & self-governing except that they will work with the National Board (U.U.W.S. Chapter Presidents & Founder) and work with and support sister chapters as well as other Native groups working with-in the same goal-set of Protecting, Defending & Providing for Urban & All First Nations Peoples & Sacred Lands and Ceremonies. U.U.W.S. will promote Unity wherever & whenever possible.
ARTICLE 2 - A strong focus will always be made by U.U.W.S. Chapters on educating both Native & Non-Native People on the needs and issues facing Native Americans and especially the Native Urban Population.
ARTICLE 3 - All U.U.W.S. Chapters and the National Board members may pursue a Not For Profit Status in their home state under the expectation that all funds raised will be used to fund the Chapter’s work and cover expenses for events, travel and providing for the needs and education of Urban Natives with-in their Chapter’s region. It is not the responsibility of the founder to provide these needs. All chapters are to be self-supportive.
ARTICLE 4 - Each Chapter shall have its own Board of Directors composed of the Chapter President, Vice-President, Actual members are those who are physically involved with the chapters “NOT” just friends on the Chapter pages those are supporters! You might have 450 supporters but how many members do you have?
ARTICLE 5 - A Chapter President may only be removed for Lack of Activity (more than forty-five days) with no communication with the National Board or activity in their Chapter or Direct Actions Harmful to The whole of U.U.W.S. It shall require a quorum of ⅓ of the National Board to remove a Chapter President (Majority vote by Chapter leaders). There can be a probation period.
ARTICLE 6 - If a Chapter President is removed or becomes vacant for any reason, the office will go to the Vice-President. If the Vice President Is un-willing or un-able to serve, the Chapter shall have thirty days to elect a new President. In event that after seven days no replacement has been elected then the National Board or founder may place an individual of their choice in the position. New Chapters shall be ratified through the National Board of Directors.
ARTICLE 7 - All official business of the Board of Directors and The Individual U.U.W.S. Chapters shall be done on the Leaders page! No internal communication or UUWS issues are to be posted in public. NO personal drama on chapter pages. The leaders page is a secret page it is forbidden to share sensitive UUWS information from the leader’s page.
ARTICLE 8- All chapter leaders must reside in the states or areas they are leaders of NO exceptions. Chapter leaders are not allowed to create or delete other chapters or UUWS groups without the permission of the Founder! No exceptions.
ARTICLE 9 - Any issues arising between Chapter Leaders should be addressed in an adult way with the other party. In the event of the Leaders being unable to find resolution between them, the issue will be taken directly to the Leaders Page and the Leaders will decide how to deal with the issue and the one's having the conflict may either agree to work together or leave. We must be able to work together in Unity without the personality politics that have destroyed so many.
ARTICLE 10 - All Chapters agree to abide by these by-laws and to keep a copy on file with their Chapter. These By-laws may be updated as needed.
ARTICLE 11 - All chapters must work together promoting their chapters, our home page and promoting our web and you-tube page. For those using twitter, we are also on twitter. as well as using the leaders page for ALL internal issues and communications (No exceptions).
ARTICLE 12 - All chapters are required with in the first six months to have physical members and becoming active in your areas! No exceptions.
ARTICLE 13 - UUWS does have a drug and alcohol policy and we recommend that our leaders lead by an example. IF this is a problem or something is reported including any illegal activity or violence. I will be brought to the Board. And the board will take whatever action needed.
ARTICLE 1 4 - In the event of the Founders absence Joelle Clark and/or Joye Braun will be in charge of UUWS. They will have full authority in my absence.
ARTICLE 15 - The board of directors by way of majority vote have the authority to alter or modify and of the Bi-Laws. Chapter leaders can and are encouraged to make suggestions on these Bi-Laws.
ARTICAL 16 - All chapter leaders and group heads will be required to disclose their real names at least on the leaders page for validation. It is not recommended that a “Pet” name is used. UUWS is a real organization and not just a Social media program.
Note: The primary purpose of the chapters is to focus on Native issues in your areas first! Then share and support other chapters or National issues. Chapters that are idle and just like and sharing will be removed! We are not key board warriors! Anything less than moccasins on the ground is not acceptable. It is recommended the you keep a log of your activities and members This must be done in all chapters.
ARTICAL 17 - Chapters may be led by an admin. under the founders leadership in the absence of a leader. Chapter leaders my add an admin to assist in chapter activities at the Chapter presidents discretion.
~United Urban Warrior Society~

U.U.W.S. Drug & Alcohol Policy


Let me make this loud and clear! and Publicly known!....United Urban Warrior Society has a 100% Drug & Alcohol Free Policy. We will not condone in any way shape or form the use of Drugs or Alcohol including Pot!...


1) We will not support any effort to legalize pot or alcohol on the reservations..With the exception of hemp & medical marijuana (only if strictly regulated by a medical professionals).

2) We do not support for recreational use. If you abuse these? that's your business...Just don't do it around me or try to promote it on any of my groups or U.U.W.S. page's!...I will not hold it against you (its your problem)...

3) I do believe "Leadership by example"..and a true Warrior or Leader "Cannot be under the influence of any of these" no exceptions!....


4) If I find anyone in any of the U.U.W.S. Chapters.. abusing any of these they will be removed...(don't ask, don't tell)..and the only way they will be allowed back in is by a vote from all chapter leaders (majority rules).


5) I know, no one is perfect or without fault "Everyone will get a chance!" The Red road is a hard road to fallow. Its supposed to be.


6) We believe that the use of Drugs & Alcohol are the single cause of 99% of all our troubles on & off the Reservation and these poisons are killing our people, Destroying our Culture & and Clouding or Spirituality....These are not our ways!

United Urban Warrior Society Decree


United Urban Warrior Society Decree


1) We will always to the best of our ability never depend or rely on the U.S. Government. 

2) We will never bow down to the U.S. Flag or claim it as ours. We have our own staff’s

3) We will always stand up to Oppression. No matter what! Our Ancestors did! 

4) We will never abandon our Traditional Spirituality! & Traditional Values of life. 

5) We vow to defend Mother Earth! For she sustains my very existence. 

6) We vow to defend Native rights! With all options on the table. 

7) We vow to fight for the Freedom of Leonard Peltier.


8) We vow to always! Pursue Unity and Solidarity amongst all Indigenous Peoples.

9) We vow to defend our people against Corporate America! At all cost! 

10) We vow to never cease in the fight for Peace, Justice and Equality. 

11) We vow to defend our Elders and our Children. From both Domestic & Foreign abuse. 

12) We vow to help our Homeless Brothers & Sisters as much as we can. 

13) We vow to honor our Veterans! They are our Warriors not theirs. 

14)  We vow to always stand in support of our Treaty’s they protect us from the government.

15) We Vow to remain Drug and Alcohol Free! and to promote Sobriety 100%. 

16)  We vow to stand against the New Age mentality, "We are the world bull shit" 

17) We vow to stand against those Indians who would sell our Traditions, Cultures, and Ceremonies for profit. 

18) We vow to defend our Culture against Crystal lickers, New Agers, Wannabees and Non-Natives playing Indian.

19) We vow to put our people first before any other people. No matter what!

20) We vow to stand our ground on this Decree, no matter what!


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