United Urban Warrior Soc

United Urban Warrior Society

~ Joelle Clark


Different Nations celebrate their new year at different times but since the USA
 starts theirs on January first, let's look back at some of the actions and accomplishments of our warriors over the last twelve months. 

I say our warriors because all of our Chapter's and their leadership support one another as well as work with other groups and organizations. We were at the forefront of the battles to stop the KXLL pipeline and fighting fracking from Florida to Canada. 

Protecting the water and teaching that water is sacred.

Protecting Sacred Land's and our relatives of the land, air and water.

Trying to find ways to help halt the Suicide Epidemic among our children.

Feeding the homeless, providing blankets, coats, hats and gloves to those in need.

Using and Protecting our Treaty Rights.

Doing drives to provide school clothes and school supplies to those in need.

Providing a hot meal to those in need with  Thanksgiving in the Street.

Exposing Racism in Medical Care Facilities and in the Media.

Demanding justice for our murdered relatives.

Standing up and demanding answers for our Missing and Murdered Women.

Fighting and educating on alcoholism and addiction.

Exposing the frauds including those of the people who are stealing the life of our people while making themselves wealthy with material things.

Protecting our Ceremonies and Traditional Life Ways.

Those are just some of the things our warriors have done and do in our communities.


So if you're starting a New Year, do it right. 

Get up, Get involved. Do something positive for our people!



U.U.W.S. Declaration of Support & Commitment against the KXL..."Zuzeca Sapa" (Black Snake)

March 31, 2014


United Urban Warrior Society’s Declaration of Support & Commitment to our Brothers and Sisters making a stand against the KXL “Zuzeca Sapa” Black Snake!

    U.U.W.S. members will be on the front lines standing in Unity & Solidarity. Whatever it takes to stop KXL including being arrested, we understand all options are on the table and we are willing and ready to do what needs to be done.

    Our members and supporters from “ALL” our chapters who cannot make it to the front lines “WILL” support those in the front line and help support the camps with food, water, first aid, gas and other items as needed. We will host community fund raisers for that support and 100% will go to the front line.

    U.U.W.S. front line warriors will work with leaders of those camps and will cooperate with those leaders and “WILL NOT” act on their own accord. We will work with other groups and keep in mind why we are there and that’s for the Oyate (the people), no heroes or standouts.

    U.U.W.S will keep open communications through the Chapter leaders. The Chapter leader will keep open communication with the founder and he will keep open communications with camp or site leaders fallowing their lead.

    U.U.W.S. is 100% committed to this effort and will stand in Unity and solidarity with all who have committed to stop this Black Snake (Zuzeca Sapa) from entering Indian country.

   We support all tribal leaders and their efforts to stop KXL. However, at this time U.U.W.S. will stand with Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and the upcoming Bridger S.D. camp (Oceti Sakowin).  We will go where ever we are needed the most. We will also continue to turn back Mega loads, Fracking trucks and KXL Equipment trucks. We will also continue the fight against the “Man Camps” and watch over them keeping our people safe.


Zuzeca Sapa wan canku kage ki le, Sica yelo!  Taku Sica Ota Aokwakeyelo! Inajin na kawinga unkiyapektelo!  Tona Oyakihepiki Ounkiyapo!!


The lead Chapters for the South Dakota campaign will be “Eagle Butte Chapter (Joye Braun) & Black Hills Chapter (James Swan)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact;

James “Magaska” Swan

United Urban Warrior Society


P.O. Box 14

Rapid City, S.D. 57709-0014

Copyright © 2012 „United Urban Warrior Society”

Standing United: United Urban Warrior Society

~ Joelle Clark, U.U.W.S. Florida Chapter


Greetings From The United Urban Warrior Society.

Most quarters I try to give you a short report on what some of our Chapters have been doing to support the people.
This quarter, with 28 Chapters all busy working on issues such as racial profiling & stereotyping, abuse of our Sacred Grounds and Ceremonies, homelessness, stolen children, abuse of the Earth,Sky and Water, treaty rights, Native mascots, abuse of our life bringers (our Women), rallies for Leonard Peltier, fighting for justice for Native prisoners, providing heat and food to those in need, multiple clothing, blanket, sleeping bag and back pack drives going on and a host of other activities, there is not much that one or more of our chapters are not doing.
Simply put they all are holding or supporting events and activities and/or people, that are 
Protecting, Providing for and Defending the People. 
That is just what a Warrior does.
To us its not about the time of year, or the "commercial, holiday season." It is about Life. It is about Sovereignty.
It is About The People!
Our question for each of you for 2014 is will you 
Stand Up and Stand United 
So That The People Might Live?